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Courses for Information Security Managers and Auditors: 

Central jobs, such as Information Security Representative or Information Manager, have successfully established themselves as new qualifications in trade and industry. All over the world more than 1,400 Information Security Managers and Auditors have already been trained by CIS according to the international guidelines and directives for certification of individuals. The CIS Certificate for Individuals acc. to ISO/IEC 27001 makes the difference, proving to be a milestone

for your further IT career.

“More comprehensive technical knowledge, better understanding, practice oriented discussions”: Here persons participating in the course explain personally what benefits they draw from the concentrated 4-day course with an examination and the CIS Certificate, which is recognized on an international and national scale.


Ing. Dietmar Fink, Deputy Head Information Management Duropack, 2500 employees

finkII was very satisfied with the CIS Course for Information Security Managers. In general the CIS Course is interesting for anybody entrusted with organizational issues of information security. However, it also is interesting for climbers - the ISO Certificate is good for the further career. My task at Duropack was to implement a security policy for the overall group with 12 sites. In this position, I have to know all the requirements placed by the standard and assess their relevance for the company. Furthermore, the CIS Certificate is very important for my activities. For the mother company (Constantia Packaging) has internal revisions conducted periodically. At these reviews, I have a better reputation as a certified Information Security Manager. One asset of the lecturing style: It was possible to put questions in-between and have discussions – a real exchange among peers.



MMag. Adrienne Steindl, IS Consultant Devoteam Consulting, Vienna, 24 employees


steindlThe knowledge obtained in the CIS Course IS Manager has become a solid base for me. Right after I had been hired as a Project Assistant in the company, I was allowed to attend the CIS Course as a “newcomer”. Thus I could elaborate a comprehensive understanding of management of information security within a short time and in a very concentrated manner. For consultants, it is particularly important to know the attitude and interpretation of standards of the Certification Body. Our customers can profit from this knowledge when implementing information security.




Martin Lechner, IS Manager AirPlus Travel Card, 80 employees


Ausbildungen_MeinungenKursTN_lechnerAfter we had established a management system for information security acc. to ISO 27001, it was important to us to ensure a specially trained person manages this area. Without a well-founded training, I would not have felt at ease in this position. Furthermore, I wanted to enlarge my technical knowledge of information security. The certified CIS Course for IS Managers gave a good insight into legal and psychological issues. Such abstract topics as risk management or contingency planning also became more plastic. This knowledge has helped me to derive direct opportunities for improvement for our company.






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