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CIS Series of Courses IS Auditor


Module 1 – Psychological bases for IS Auditors:
Between examiner and developer; thinking systemically; communicating effectively



At an audit, auditors have a double challenge. On the one hand, they have to act as expert examiners.

On the other hand, they have to act as foresighted development agents, who set important impulses for further development of the ISM System. Auditors are in contact with the top managerial level as well as operational management. Besides expert knowledge, auditors need a high social competence, the capability of thinking in an interlinked manner, identifying cross-departmental system interrelations as

well as insights into the basic rules of communication. At this seminar, theory and practice supplement each other harmoniously: The second day of the training is particularly devoted to training using role playing with video feedback.



Goal of the seminar:
The participants practise thinking in system interrelations,

know an auditor’s competences and are in command of the

basic rules of communication in theory and practice.



2 days





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