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“An enormous gain in performance by almost two thirds
became possible because we have standardized
and consistently optimized our processes by using ISO 20000.
As one of the first ones in Europe.“


Bernhard Karollus, Head of Compliance,
Siemens AMC MSE



From ITIL to ISO – the Certificate makes the lead visible
Increasing performance, reducing costs. At a higher service quality. ISO/IEC 20000 makes this possible. For the standard is the first certifiable standard worldwide to specially refer to IT Service Management and focus on improving quality, increasing efficiency and reducing the costs of IT services. The international standard, which was derived from BS 15000, describes an integrated set of management processes for providing IT services. Its contents follow the successful requirements of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).


Minimizing costs: savings of up to 48%
The opportunities of saving time and money is significant. According to an IDC Study, implementation

of management software conforming to ISO 20000 helps companies to save about 48% of working hours

for eliminating failures, 37% for maintaining the network infrastructure and 26% thanks to change management. According to a Materna Study about IT Service Management acc. to ITIL in Germany and

in Austria, 53% of the interviewees think the biggest advantage is yielded by transparency and quality of

the provided services. Impressive: 96% of the ITIL users would recommend use to other companies.


Certificate as a competitive advantage
It is exactly here that ISO 20000 starts. For whereas ITIL exclusively enables certification of individuals, certification acc. to ISO 20000 is possible for individuals (ISO 20000 Auditor, ISO 20000 Consultant) as well as for the organization itself or for partial areas. Thus the lead of your company becomes visible.


Profit thanks to certification acc. to ISO 20000:

  • Measurable savings
  • Costs that are transparent
  • Productiveness that rises massively
  • Quality enabled by optimization
  • Worldwide recognition of the standard
  • Certificate that makes the lead visible
  • Benchmark thanks to standardized services




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